Thursday, November 29, 2007

New bullying statistics-Top 5 Worst Places to Live To Avoid Bullying

According to new bullying statistics these are the five top worst states to live in to avoid bullies in K12.

1 California

2 New York

3 Illinois

4 Pennsylvania

5 Washington


Hummy said...

Neighbor found my son on the ground yesterday being kicked, by a older boy. He only recalls a boy he knows as a friend of a friend's older brother was walking with him and other friends. They were play wrestling like those boys often have done,(never hurting each other). This boy started to hurt him he told him to stop, but he did not. He grabbed the boy's hair trying to get loose of neck hold accidently knocking that boy's backpack down, in puddle. Last thin recalls before a neighbor helping him into truck was being jumped from behind and loosing balance. He had hand prints on his neck, some bruises, and bumps on head. Hospital visit and CAT-Scan, results no serious head injury. Police report filed but told nothing likely to be done as "No Serious Injuries". Please send your source for these Statistics. I am gathering information, as very thankful yet scared. Need more information then would be good idea to enroll son in self defense. Yes plan to and pray he will stay safe

nikki said...

When my son Trevor was 14yrs. old he was bullied by kids on his football team. He ended up quitting even though football was his life. He was on the J.V. team and the Varsity coach came to him and asked him not to give up on his dreams because of a few bad kids. He talked to both teams and told them that bulling was not going to be tolerated and if it kept going he was going to kick them off the team. They quit doing it on the field but I guess kept it up during school. On November 1, 2006 I went to town and got a call from emergency dispatch saying there was an emergency at home and I was needed there. I thought my daughter who was 16 yrs. old at the time had hurt herself because she was starting dinner for me. When I arrived home I was informed that my son had taken his life. I had no warnings or signs because when I left 30 minutes before that he was his normal happy self and gave me a hug and said he loved me before I left. My son would have been 17 yrs. old yesterday on March 19th and it was a tough day. I am working on term paper about bulling and how it effects kids. If you have any other good places for me to look please let me know. I feel this is a major problem and I don't want any other parents to ever have to go through what I did.

Stuart said...

that is pretty sad ,im sorry

sassyfrass said...

diss is stupid no one on earth should be bullied

danny said...

Hey I'm very sorry to hear about your son, and I agree no one should ever have to go through this! I was wondering where you found this stat? I'm the violence prevention coordinator for an agency in Washington and would love to put this in my list of facts but I have to be able to site it. If you can remember I'd really appreciate being able to help spread the word. Thanks!

xavier said...

that puzzzy

Kristy Slaton said...

Hey I am doing a research paper on bullying and I was just wondering if you could tell me where this statistic came from?

Point Break Coordinator said...

It is really heart-breaking to read these stories and hear the pain in kid's lives because of bullying. This is a problem that is reaching epidemic proportions across our nation.

So many kids, schools, and parents report that this is the number one issue when it comes to school safety. I applaud this blog for bringing much needed attention to this issue and for those who are brave enough to share their story.

I work for a non-profit in Upstate NY and we recently had a rash of teen suicides at a local high school. It has been confirmed that at least two of the four suicides were likely linked to bullying.

Our organization worked with the school to bring a anti-bullying program to the students and faculty. We have had good results and feedback so far from all involved. We want to continue to work within our community to bring the message of hope and help end bullying on school campuses.

I read one of the comments, and I too would like any information you might have concerning bullying and any statistical information that would help us reinforce the need to school administrators and community members.

Thank you.


Jacob.p said...
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Jacob.p said...

Hi peoples!!! COWS

Brianna said...

this is really sad.

heather said...

aw, sorry.

qwerty said...

this is just sad... we need to make laws against bullying. We need to stop bullying forever! and i know a way... have you seen the death of Phoebe Prince yet? If not, you need to. It's horrifying... one report of bullying should result a one-day suspension, a talk with the counselor, and they student must write a 2 page report on Phoebe Prince's suicide.

Second offense should result in a 3day suspension and the bully must be put in an intensive therapy group that deals with bullys, sort of like "scared straight" but more intense... the police should also be called in to warn the bully that 1 more offense will send them to juvenile hall with and a fine of $250. in fact, 77% of kids in school are bullied either physically, mentally, emotionally, or verbally. it has to stop. i am a freshman in highschool and i have problems with bullies as well. i have just written an original advocacy, which is a speech ment to change a law, and i am hoping to make this law real.

Crystal said...

Frightening stories. I want a movement to happen in schools. I mean a M O V E M E N T ....where do I start??

lilmama1997.2008 said...
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lilmama1997.2008 said...

Where is the statistics on Bullying ? I am very confused . Can somebody Please help me ?

Christopher said...

Where is this statistic cited?


I just wrote a post from my own blog about bullying because of a "smut list" that was written at my school. Bullying is not something to be taken lightly, and I'm so very sorry for your loss. Suicides occur because of bullying almost more than half of the time.

gemma619 said...

Take them to court guys! If anyone is assulted or hurt keep in mind there are tonnes of laws out there - you could get the bullies under quite a few....

The Raw-volution~ said...

What is it that permeates bullying in these areas and how are these spots identified?

I am very curious. Thanks for starting a great dialog.

Anonymous said...

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quisha said...

I am young teenage who is doing a project on how to teach other students that bullying is wrong. I feel that nobody should be bullied no matter how they act or look. So this project is for young and older students if you have any questions or suggestions please email me at

Anonymous said...


I wish luck on your project.
First and most important, educate the educators that having a bully education program does not mean you do not have a bully problem. Bullying is a problem in all schools at some time, schools that believe they are immune to bullying because they taught students not to bully, are living in a fantasy world, by choosing to ignore the problem thereby permitting bullying. This further victimizes the victim into believing that they deserve to be treated cruelly, because no one cares what happens to them. It also teaches the bully that they can hurt people without consequences. Unfortunately, we hear the horrible effects this has on the victims,wondering how this happens. I believe most bullies become bullies because they learn this behavior from caretakers. Generally, there will be warning signs that this bully (child) has a low self esteem and has significant issues in their life that makes them feel the need to control/hurt others. They do not have empathy because the do not see empathy in how they have been treated. I think the only way to reduce bullying is if children feel there are adults who care about them from early on. Adults do not criticize others who are different or struggling, rather if be helpful and supportive of each other, so children learn acceptance and community. When bullying does occur, the victim needs to know that the adults around them will do all they can to keep them safe. The bully will face consequences, and get counseling. The bully will have limited unsupervised interaction with peers until demonstrates is able to do so without hurting others. This may mean that schools have separate area for bullies to eat, that has adult working with them teaching interpersonal skills, supervision for class change times....This supervision may see severe, but that is the only way for the bully child to develop skills and the victim to feel safe

Danielle Gagliardi said...

I'm sorry but i strongly believe New Jersey is one of the worst places to live. I was tormented for six years as was my brother. The pricipal said it "built character" and "kids will be kids". I was spit on, pushed, and verbally attacked on several occasions. My brother was physically abused by his fellow classmates. Their reason? we were from California and we didn't fit into any sort of click. Allentown NJ was filled to the brim with judgemental snots, matching the Jersey shore and Jersey Housewives attitude. No outtsider was safe.

Appel Mahmud said...

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